We had so much fun making these in studio HQ that we couldn’t resist and had to pass on the joy. Make two bunny pendants for yourself or give one away to a special friend to enjoy. Paint them how you like and add the pom pom tail for a fluffy touch. Wear them around your neck and take them with you wherever you go on your fun adventures.


Inside the Kit

2 unfinished wooden bunny pendants

2 pom poms in various colors 

Jump rings 

String in various colors

Non-toxic paint in various colors

Paint brush

Non-toxic glue

Card with QR code for video tutorial

Twist top tin to use as keepsake and store necklaces 



Products packed in our mailer box as pictured and makes a great gift


Suitable age

4 years and over



Small parts and choking hazard

Not suitable for children 4 years and under and keep away from pets

Paint your own Bunny Pendants Kit